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Saturday, July 19, 2014



19th July, 2014


Fukushima Aquamarine 
Gyoza Restaurant

After an hour everybody started to get hungry 
so we got stamped out and walked over to the Food Court
to have a sit down lunch. 

A couple of hungry boyz..... 

My lunch arrived first. 

Not so many people at all. 

Food was delicious ! 

Without looking, what time is it ? 

We wandered through Lala Mew Fishmarkets; always interesting. 

This gentleman was trying to talk to us in English - really cool guy ! 
Thanks for making us welcome. 

This lady was showing us Flying Fish. 

Then we walked back over to Fukushima Aquamarine
to continue our tour. 

This is a bonsai tree. 

Same tree ........ 

The Rain Forest Section - I just love it. 
Reminds me of Mt. Nebo. 

Dec against a backdrop of tuna. 

 Dec, Chikako and Sam. 

A large octopus suckered onto the glass of the tank..... maybe sleeping ? 

 The obligatory Gift Shop shopping .... 

The drive back home in the rain. 

 We drove past That City. 

To reach This City. 

The fun was not yet over - we had dinner to contend with yet. 

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