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Friday, July 4, 2014

July 5


5th July, 2014 

It is a rainy day in Yokohama
Chikako san has gone back to Omiya. 

Happy Birthday to me ! 

The Landmark Tower, Yokohama. 
Very impressive. 

Some convenient pedestals to sit on after our very long trek. 

We wandered into Tribeca for lunch; like a sports bar. 

Some shots inside the shopping mall
called Landmark Plaza. 

We found a Ferrari Dealer in Yokohama so that Dec 
could see their stock. Staff were so kind to us. 

Then onto the Maserati Dealership for more inspections and photographs. 

The very kind lady behind the desk gave Dec a Maserati Calendar
as a souvenir. 

Chikako san gave me these tailor-made trousers as a birthday gift 
one year ago and this was the occasion to wear them for the very
first time !  Fitted me like a glove. 
The shirt was part of my tailor-made suit set and seems to match
the strides perfectly ..........sweet. 

Chikako san came back to Yokohama from Omiya and then  took us out for my birthday dinner and there was a complimentary bottle of vino due to us being there celebrating on the actual day.  Thanks ! 

Squid guts ....... so delicious. 

Dec looking cool in his new shirt. 

Sam and Dec hamming it up ! 

This is basashi, or raw horse meat which is widely eaten in Japan. 
I have yet to try it. 

A very cool shot, methinks. 

We went back to the hotel where Chikako had a cake awaiting us. 

Thank you for my birthday ! 

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