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Monday, July 21, 2014


21st July, 2014

It is a public holiday in Japan. 

Marine Day. 

We went to a noodle shop 
in Minami This City. 
It was our first time to try this shop. 

The Boyz bought us a surprise present 
as a Thank You Gift. 
Wow ! 

 The boyz were leaving tonight for Narita
so we decided to go out to a local Korean BBQ Restaurant
for dinner. 

 It is cook-your-own which we always enjoy. 
We have been here many
times before. 

Yes there was meat to eat, but we also ordered different types
of salads as well. 

Dec getting stuck into his bowl of rice. 

Chikako was cooking
this and that. 

 My favourite ........ yum, yum. 

It was easy to walk back to the apartment from here. 
Then they finished packing and we all walked to the bus stop 
in the middle of the night. 

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