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Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4

4th July 

We 3 caught the bus from This City to Oji Station 
where we met Chikako san.  She had been in Omiya 
and caught the train down to Oji Station. 
We 4 then caught the train down to Yokohama. 

We checked into the hotel. 

We went on a sightseeing cruise of Yokohama Harbour. 

All aboard the bus from This City to Oji Station. 

Sam and Dec. 

In the bus as we approach 
That City. 

Waiting to pick up passengers at the bus stop 
at That City. 

LOL - a lucky shot from the bus. 

I did not know that the bus drove past this mansion either, just 
near Sukagawa Train Station. 

It rained most of the way down to Oji Station. 

We stumbled upon a Belgian Beer Festival in Yokohama
on the foreshore of the Harbour. 

We all went on a Harbour Cruise for 90 minutes. 
It was really nice. 

Yokohama is perhaps my 
favourite city in the world. 
A truly wonderful place, albeit expensive and way beyond
my meagre means. 

Some happy snaps..... 

The boyz really like Chikako san a lot, which is wonderful. 

After the cruise we went for dinner. 
A lot of choice. 

Food was just okay, not special and hideously expensive. 
Service was also only average; not typical of Japan. 
We won't be going back. 

But we enjoyed being in Yokohama together. 

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