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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday the 2nd

the 2nd day of November

Niigata City

After checking out of the Bandai Silver Hotel in Niigata City
we packed the car up for the drive homewards.

Firstly, we decided to check out Niigata Airport
which was bigger than I anticipated it to be. 

We were heading for the coastal drive north
and stopped by some places of interest en route. 

This viewing tower was very cool, plus it was open for sightseeing.

Naturally we explored it. 

An internal staircase spiraled upwards.

The first time that I have ever actually been to the Sea of Japan. 
I have flown over it many times though. 

Demi Chan waiting patiently. 

A jet coming into land at Niigata Airport. 

There were many wind turbines
on the coastline of Tainai City. 

We went for lunch. 

The food was delicious; every bit as good as it looked. 

Whilst eating the rain starting bucketing down
so we couldn't go for a walk about. 

We navigated northwards to Yonezawa City in the rain. 
The Autumnal colours were beautiful especially in the mountains. 

Back to This City and the end of an small weekend adventure.