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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday #2

16th November, 2014 
#2 Post 

We drove from This City to That City 
to go to St. Peters and St. Pauls Church. 

 Bit of GPS to track our journey. 

The Autumnal colours are nearing an end ........ 

There is already snow on the surrounding mountain tops. 
It seems a little early this year. 

A marathon race was being held in That City and we got caught up in the traffic. 
Overhead a news / television helicopter hovered filming the race. 

We were on our way to Church however we were stuck in a traffic jam ! 

The runners had passed and we were on our way again. 

Heading up past The Mall to go to Church. 

St. Peters and St. Pauls Church is always so beautiful and serene. 

It is a special place for me in Japan. 

The replacement stained-glass windows are nearly completed. 
Sooooo gorgeous ! 

After Church we went to our new-favourite Vietnamese Restaurant near Usui Department Store. It is our third time there and each time we seem to enjoy it more .....

Chikako ordered for me so it was a surprise when it arrived ....... good surprise, though. 
Yum yum. 

Above: Chikako`s lunch
Below:  I also ate a small bowl. 

After shopping at Usui we decided to have afternoon coffee 
in the basement coffee shop to re-energize. 

As if by magic a piece of strawberry cake appeared ....... hurrah ! 

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