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Sunday, November 2, 2014


It's November already. 

Saturday, the 1st of November, 2014 I drove to Niigata City.
My first-ever visit to the Kanto Region of  Japan. 

We had a 10th floor room 
at the Bandai Silver Hotel
and this was the view outside. 

We went downstairs to an Italian food restaurant 
for a late lunch. 

We left there and headed out for a walk about Niigata City. 

The River is so beautiful
and very different to the Abukuma River. 

We wandered into a fish market which was most interesting. 

Even the traffic signals are different here
 not only in their shape
but also in their sheltered locations. 

Niigata is infamous for its 
big snowfalls. 

This walkway is structured steel..... just how much snow falls here ?? 

An amazing job parking the car - a feat in itself. 

The entrance to Hakusan Park. 

We were on quite a walking expedition, now alongside the river. 

The port was full of big ships plus it was busy. 

We went back to the Hotel and this was the night view. 

We found a shop selling Kyoto chicken so we went in. 

A group of 15 people arrived unannounced. 
We were asked if we would move tables for them, which we did. 
They were very genki. 
The guy with the glasses is from This City ! 
Everybody was surprised. 
He didn't have a gift, about the best that he could come 
up with at such short notice was a couple of fancy bandaids. 
It was the thought that counts. 

We decided to leave this shop and go to a seafood establishment instead. 

Food was great ! 

We saw this shop and although we didn't go in
we would like to try here next time we come to Niigata. 

A busy day and we drove a lot, walked a lot and enjoyed a lot .......