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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Saturday Evening then Sunday the 26th

Saturday Evening the 25th of October, 2014

Chikako came back from Sendai City and thoughtfully 
purchased some delicious meats for table cooking ! 

 Yum, yum....

 Chuck in a few coldies for good measure and waddya got ? 

Chef Chikako is preparing.......... 

.......... I feel fat ! 


Sunday the 26th of October, 2014

It was a beautiful Autumnal day and Winter will soon come
so we decided to go hiking together. 


Onwards and upwards ! 

Little did we know how steep it really was going to be ....... 

 We ate lunch on a picnic table in the woods. 

 Some amazing lichens. 

 Autumnal hues....... 

Where are we exactly ? 

Oh, I see..... 

Such a sad story, steeped in folklore..... 

A millpond..... 

Very famous in Hokkaido. 

As per usual, DemiChan was waiting patiently.... 

Mirror, mirror...... 

Enroute home I stopped  on the way down to take some more photos. 

 Where's this, then ? 

 Aha !! 
I can see our apartment. 

We hiked. 
We ate. 
We drove. 
We enjoyed. 


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