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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jusco Shopping Challenge

Sunday  early evening, 12th October, 2014

Enroute back from That City to This City
we accepted the 
Jusco Shopping Challenge. 

 We purchased Jacob's Creek Cool Harvest
where the grapes are picked at night. 
It was nice however I couldn't quite pick the difference
between the grapes being picked in the nighttime or the daytime. 

 It is persimmon time again. 
And Jusco combined persimmons with the upcoming Halloween. 

Halloween is American and not so interesting to me
however the persimmons tasted as wonderful as they look. 

Although the weather is decidedly Autumnal now
I thought that I would attempt to lighten things up 
with some daffodills.  Wait and see how they go ! 

I bought these seeds at Depo 5.  
Our next port of call after completing our Jusco Shopping Challenge. 

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