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Tuesday, April 29, 2014



29th April, 2014 


WooHoo .............. it's a public holiday in Japan today. 
I scored Sunday / Monday / Tuesday; a rare trifecta. 

I cleaned the balcony then we went out in DemiChan. 

Totally by chance we ended up driving here, for the very first time. 

What a great find ! 

Welcome to HandaNuma. 

The Sakura trees were in full perfect blossom - different types of Sakura, 
Magnolia, Dogwood and flowers everywhere. 

We went along a pathway to an ancient disused silver mine
dating back to maybe the 16th Century. 

The doorway was locked but the mine itself still existed. 


On the way back to our apartment I saw a beautiful tree, quite old, 
in a farmer's yard so I stopped the car and Chikako took this picture
from out of her window. 

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