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Sunday, April 6, 2014

05th April

05th April, 2013 


After work, Chikako and I met our friend, Chizu-san. 
She is moving to Ho Chi Minh City in 2 weeks for work. 

We took her out for a farewell dinner. 

We all went to Sakeba Dakku 
which we always enjoy. 

Cheers ! 
As it is Lent I cannot drink alcohol, so I drank iced tea instead. 

The snack. 

Chikako san presented Chizu san with two guide books
to Ho Chi Minh City. 

After finishing our delicious Japanese dinner we decided to go 
to Negnin Cafe in Paseo Dori. 
It is a really comfortable late-night place to go to. 

The ladies laid into the booze whilst I sipped Perrier. 

The snack was popcorn - I did not partake, it is a little sweet for me. 

But I did partake of the cheese board - seriously delicious. 

Hot coffee ?  For me, of course. 

The table light was a fake ! 
It was not a real candle but a cheap battery job from China. 

We three had a wonderful night out together. 
Enjoy Vietnam, Chizu ! 

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