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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch 
27th April, 2014. 


It was such a nice day that we decided to go out for lunch. 
We went to a place that we hadn't been to in yonks. 

It was great the first time that we went, 
it was even better this time around. 

Parking DemiChan before going inside. 

120 grams of delicious steak cooked to perfection
and served on a sizzle plate. 


After luncheon we drove to SkyPark for a little adventure. 

Above and Below are not my photos but two photos from the internet. 
They show Skypark layout and the view from a cockpit coming into land there. 

Below is my photo again. 

The Sakura trees were still blossoming and very beautiful
however there was also a stark reminder of the nuclear clean-up
in the guise of numerous black sealed bags. 

There were three identical twin-seater, single-engine planes on the tarmac. 

Lunch was great, Skypark is always enjoyable. 

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