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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sunday, 22nd December, 2013

Sunday, 22nd December, 2013

We traveled to Sendai City. 

We arrive a little early for the Church Service so 
we had coffee at Starbucks. 

Some photos of the rebuilding process of the Sendai Anglican Church. 
It was severely damaged in the earthquake, 11th March, 2011. 

It appears like it will be something very special indeed. 

The Christmas Service was very genki. 
Father Li is from Korea. 

Glad that we attended; just wonderful. 
After that we went to a Chinese restaurant in Sendai City
called Brother Ken for lunch. 

A bit tucked-away which was great because it was 
quiet and we ate Chinese food. 
Sendai was chilly and rainy, we enjoyed a warm lunch together. 

As we didn`t drive today we could drive alcohol. 
Early evening, Chikako opted for a quiet drink at a bar we like. 

Healthy snack to go with the drinks. 

Fried oysters !  Yummy...... 

Then we climbed aboard the Highway Bus back to This City. 
A splendid day together. 

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