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Sunday, December 29, 2013

28th December

29th December, 2013

We had lunch at a wonderful MSG-free ramen shop
near Fukudai.

After that, we drove to Tsuchiyu to see the snow. 

Lots of snow about. 

The rock walls beside the road looked so cool. 

The cemetery was covered in snow and looked so lonely, forlorn almost...... 

We stopped at a farm shop on the way back to This City.
It was a little daunting, shall I say. .... we bought some apple juice. 

We went to the park to go for a walk.
Cold but not freezing cold and we enjoyed the walk together.

Cute !  I am a lucky guy. 

Mt. Azuma with a snow cap, looked wonderful. 

We met a wonderful dog called LEICA and her mistress.
LEICA has long hair, is of German origin and was so beautiful.
Very genki girl !
It was nice meeting you, Leica. 

We received a box via Sagawa Transport; it was a return gift from
my friend, Hideo who is a police officer in That City.
His daughter married recently and we sent some flowers. 

Somewhat expensive return gifts, methinks.
Nice though...... 

I found this fir cone and leaf/twig on the ground at the park
and picked them up to symbolize New Year 2014. 

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