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Monday, December 9, 2013


Saturday, 7th December, 2013

After work I caught the 5:24 pm train south to That City. 
I was meeting Chikako-san and her friends for an 
early Christmas Party there. 

Outside the train station, That City. 
There were many wonderful illuminations for the festive season. 

We easily found the izakaya which we were going to.
We had already pre-booked some courses. 

Yukie was very happy ! 
The Japanese food was great, better than gaijin food. 
One of the reasons that I live in Japan is because of the great food. 

Emi san. 

L to R: Chikako, Yukie, Emi and her daughter, Momo. 

Group photo with me still in my JES gear. 
The older I get the more that I look like my late Father. 

Leaving the izakaya and heading back towards the station
for the train journey home. 

We had such a fun evening together. 
I am sure that we will all do it again soon. 
Merry Christmas to them. 

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