owling9 michinoku 2017

Saturday, September 8, 2018


September starts with me being in Fukushima .....

My third visit this year, my fifth within the last year. 

Ate noodles at a noodle bar in the main street of Fukushima City. 
Nowhere near as good as it previously was, plus more expensive. 
I went there twice to double-check; won't be going there anymore.

Shisa from Okinawa - so cool, eh ? 

Ah, the painting. 

Some air plants, which I have always thought of as being wonderful. 

I took the highway bus to Sendai on Saturday, 1st September. 
Might be the first day of Spring in Brisbane however it was raining
steadily in Sendai City. 

By coincidence, I bumped into Father Lee in Yodabashi Camera ! 
He's moving to Tokyo soon.   Great to see him again. 

 Delicious food was served to me ....thank you. 

Another air plant known as Grandfather's Beard. 

Driving across the Matsukawa Bridge in Fukushima City. 

On Monday, 3rd September, 2018  I took the local train
to Koriyama City. 

Tuesday, 4th September was another rainy-type day
although a little humid. 

Traveled to a Nashi farm. 

Lunch at a popular restaurant in Minami Fukushima City. 

A trip to Tsuchiyu; haven't been there for such a long time. 

From Room # 1101  APA  Hotel, Fukushima Station
West Side at about 6.45 am in the morning
of Thursday, 06th September. 

A Waraji Display at Fukushima Station.

Time to leave Fukushima bound for Brisbane City. 

Bicycle Parking; East Side of Fukushima Station. 

A quick stop in Koriyama heading for Ueno Station.

From Ueno Station I took the Skyliner to Narita. 

Above:  View from the Soba Restaurant in Narita Airport
where I ate a very late lunch / early dinner. 

Tasted fine for 'fast food' . 

Qantas Flight QF62 was 2 hours late leaving Narita for the 
overnight flight back to Brisbane.  It was a long wait 
in the airport, that's for sure. 

The plane arrived about 90 minutes past its scheduled arrival time
however it didn't matter so much to me. 
Strange feeling to be back in Australia .... as it always is.