owling9 michinoku 2017

Wednesday, September 26, 2018



Thursday, 27th September, 2018. 

We exchanged contract / money today for B6 ! 

The biggest amount I've ever spent in my life .....  super hyped about it. 

My Starz for this very day, courtesy of Oscar Cainer are: 

the aftermath of the powerful Full Moon brings a change in your mood. A glow of inner self-confidence is about to materialise from behind a cloud of worry that has been obscuring the joy in our world. Although the problem won't disappear as quickly as the morning dew, you'll be able to see the glistening of hope, and a way to make progress. Perhaps a looming deadline will disappear, or you'll see how to accomplish a task. This glimmer of brightness has the power to affect how you feel about everything.