owling9 michinoku 2017

Saturday, May 12, 2018


11th May, 2018

We went to Bribie Island for the day. 
Chikako's first ever visit and I had not been there since 2003. 
Much has changed ..... 

 We had a light lunch @ Woorim Beach on a beautiful Autumnal day. 
An Ibis came to visit. 

Then we took a walk along the beach and foreshore. 

After that we visited the Mater Hospital Prize Home
located in Banksia Beach on Dux Creek. 
Lovely house, indeed. 

Saturday Evening, 12th May, 2018. 
We 3 went to Sandie's town house for dinner.
Chef Beth prepared a delicious feast. 

Stew with dumplings..... yum, yum. 

Sunday, 13th May, 2018. 
Sam presented Chikako with flowers and a card
for Mother's Day. Very thoughtful.