owling9 michinoku 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Thursday Evening
26th October, 2017 

We had an early dinner @ Chikako's parents' house. 
Strange feeling that Justy is not there anymore .... 

Chikako and her mother preparing gyoza for dinner. 

Weather Report for this coming weekend. 
The weather reporter's son stayed with Stavros @ Hervey Bay
as an Exchange Student. 

Crescent Moon - Mikazuki.  Very beautiful however the photo is not so good. 

Below:  Balcony view of Koriyama 


Some random photos I took earlier in the day. 

A Denny's Restaurant I used to frequent enroute to Fukushima Airport
is being renewed. Looks really nice again ... 

Above and Below: Chikako's father's garden. 

The weather today was perfect.  
A perfect day in Autumn.