owling9 michinoku 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017


23rd April, 2017

We took the highway bus to Sendai City
and went to Church there. 
It probably was the last time that I will visit Sendai. 

A very charming gentleman we met in Church several years ago. 
We don't even know his name. 
His wife sadly passed away last year - he is maybe 86 years old. 

After that we went to a gyutan shop for lunch. 
It was our first time there .......... really great ! 

Then some real ice cream from Hokkaido.
The focus is on the cream, not on sugar ..... great taste. 

There was a coffee and wine festival in Sendai. 
Weather was perfect for it. 

This very well-behaved Collie Dog came and sat down 
beside us with his master.  He was enjoying a day out. 

Bus back to This City. 
Then I started throwing everything out of the apartment ..... moving moving moving. 
Tedious !