owling9 michinoku 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10

10th April, 2017

 The sakura suddenly blossoms .... 

Looking across the Abukuma River - the moon was rising in the East 
Full Moon will be tomorrow, the 11th 

From the 11th Floor of our Mansion looking West for the sunset. 
Note that the mountains still have their snow-caps. 

Walking beside the Abukuma River 

There's a bird plus a bird nest. 

 Some ducks enjoying the chilly Abukuma River 

 Still measuring the radiation........ sigh.

 Sakura and Take ( bamboo ) 

 Four swans from Mongolia were still on the river, although all 
of the others have left..... some never know when the party is over, I guess. 

 Spring has arrived and the flowers are blooming to prove it. 
I took this shot of somebody's garden beside their garage. 

 Then we headed to the ramen shop across from the AXC Building.
A new arcade has been built there and the old ramen shop has been
revamped into a new location, new everything .... but still the portions
are too huge.  I could not eat all of this at all.

And back to the apartment to take a final shot of the Sakura
lit up by the hotel, with the Abukuma River on the right

A long walk but fun.