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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Walking Group

25th October, 2015

The Abukuma Kyuko Walking Group held 
Walk #7. 

 Check In. 

 It was soooooooo windy ! 

Beautiful Cosmos. 

After the walk, we caught the train a few stations back down
to have lunch. 

We didn't drink beer, I just took a photo of the bottle. 
It is made at this restaurant / boutique brewery. 

 Second stomach for ice cream ! 
Still it was so windy..... enough wind. 

 By going to the restaurant for lunch and then catching a much later
train back after the walk, the train was almost empty. In contrast, on the 
way to the walk, the train was jam-packed. 

Back, tired but happy after a wonderful day in Miyagi Prefecture. 

 We scored Gift Bags for completing the walk. 
Nice, eh ? 

Plus an additional Special Gift because I had completed five of the walks. 
Bonus ticket was inside !   

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