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Sunday, October 25, 2015


Many people kindly gave me gifts this month. 
Souvenirs from their trips here and there. 

 Chikako san's parents sent us there persimmons. Yum. 

 My neighbour, Reiko san went to India and brought me back some tea. 

Kumi san went to Hiroshima with her family and brought
me back this fridge magnet.  Cute. 

Ryuhei san had no topic so he brought some Cappuccino Candy in. 
It was really good ! 

 Mitsuko san brought me some hydrogenated water for my health. 

I feel great just thinking about drinking it. 

Thank you to everyone ! 
Japanese people are very kind to me.... 

A delicious gift from Koji San. 

 Soooooo good - thanks Koji ! 

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