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Friday, June 5, 2015

Road Trip

06th June, 2015. 

I am on vacation. 
Chikako has a 3 day weekend. 
We went on a Road Trip to Sakata City
near the Sea of Japan. 

Road Trip  

Lots of snow here in the Wintertime, hence the snow shelters for traffic. 

We had lunch at a shop in Murakami City. 
It was our first time to try this shop - very good ! 

Thank you for the delicious cuisine. 

Demi Chan waiting patiently. 

The Sea of Japan. 

Happy happy ......... 

Still some snow on the peaks....... 

View from our hotel room in Sakata City. 
Demi Chan waiting patiently amongst all of the bicycles. 

 6.40 pm on a Saturday evening and not a soul to be seen. 
City seems to have shut at 6 pm ! 

Finally we found a restaurant of sorts attached to our hotel. 
Everything else was shut ! 

Ah, the infamous chicken wings -  I broke my front tooth in half on it. 
Terrible ......... 

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