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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Night.

Saturday Night 

14th June, 2014

We decided to go out to dinner 
not only after work but also after doing the grocery shopping.
So, a late night event. 

Full moon was yesterday, Black Friday June 13th; 
my photos are plus one day. Still it was a magical sight. 

We strolled uptown ......... 

 This City was packed with people out and about enjoying themselves. 
Nice to see ......... 

Chikako-san enjoying a pre-dinner beer. 
The snack was spicy..... wonderful. 

 Sooooooooooo  delicious ....... yum, yum. 

Followed by spaghetti and then an omelette to boot. 

Walking back, I tried to take more happy snaps
of the moon.  Not my best shots, unfortunately. 

The small courtyard garden at our apartment building. 

Street frontage. Azaleas are just past their prime. 

Our foyer should be an indoor garden methinks, 
instead of featuring one solitary plant. 

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