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Sunday, June 1, 2014

June the 1st.

Sunday, the 1st day of June, 2014

It was a very hot day today - the outside temperature reached 34C. 

I arose at 4 am and snapped some jet trails........ maybe from Natori Airport heading over towards either Korea or China. 

This small jet trail showed the plane heading south towards Narita, maybe. 

We drove down to That City for lunch today; traditional Japanese fare. 

Below is miso-flavoured new potatoes. My first time to enjoy ! 

Yukie stopped by the house with a gift. 


After eating we decided to take Justy san out in the hot sun for a brief walk. 

On our walk we saw this....... 

Difficult parking, methinks. 

From there, we drove out to Lake Inawashiro to see the jet skis, etc.

Amazingly, there were still a few small patches of snow on some of the mountains. 

Demi Chan was waiting patiently in the car park. 

How old is this beautiful Sakura Tree ? 
I can't guess....... 

A quick diversion to Ichii for some groceries enroute home. 

The sunset as viewed from our front balcony, looking West 
towards Lake Inawashiro. 

We had a great day. 

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