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Sunday, September 15, 2013


15th September, 2013

Happy Birthday to my old mate, Brendan. 
Long time, no see (unfortunately) 

I took some beautiful dawn photos, 
and soon thereafter it began to rain, and rain, and rain...
typhoon #18 and named Man-yi was coming.

For dinner that evening, we went out with our
friends, Brent & Kotoe to an izakaya in Hobara
which we like. 

Kotoe was driving so she could only drink non-alcoholic beverages.

My hair looks terrible - I got it cut the very next day at Donna Darte.

The Japanese food was so good - I love eating it.
It is the best !

Brent is American and enjoys
American food, too.
Super-sized, of course.

We had a competition about who has the Best Legs...

A fun evening was had by all.
Even if it was raining so hard....

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