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Sunday, September 1, 2013


It is September already..... 

Sunday, 02 September, 2013

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Hot and humid Sunday in This City. 
We went for a drive to Atami and Inawashiro. 

Photo just moments before my inaugural drive of Demi-chan.....

A happy me - my very first drive, finally. 

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Powering on to Atami and lunch. 

It is great to eat Japanese food again and not to have to eat gaijin food. 

Demi-chan waiting patiently for us. 

Lake Inawashiro ! 
What a wonderful place it is. 

Enroute home we stopped by at Blue Mountain Coffee Shop

for some al fresco coffee. 

See the red nut ? 
Chikako ate one; she said that it was very sweet. 

I still can`t get over how cool the mountains in Japan are....

We enjoyed our Sunday out together. 
Plus I enjoyed driving. 

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Anonymous said...


oh! You got drive license of Japan !!
Congratulations (*^_^*)

You looks so happy.

by your student in Iwaki.