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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunday, 5th

Sunday, 5th August, 2012

Chikako joined us from This City early today. 
We went to Yokohama to meet Yuriko and her new husband, Hiro. 

Yuriko is my oldest friend in Japan, one of the very first people I met in 
That City in May, 2004 and we have been great friends ever since. 

Another hot day in ChinaTown, Yokohama. 

Some shark fins were drying in the bright sunshine. 

Yuriko met Sam many years ago and they were happy to catch up again.
This is the first time that Dec met Yuriko. 

Chikako didn`t really find Shark Fin Soup so delicious......... 

It was a wonderful luncheon together - we talked a lot and we ate a lot, too. 
Hopefully we can all catch up again soon.