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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday in Sendai

Finally, I don`t work Saturdays anymore .... so strange.
Anyway, today, we went to Sendai
28th April, 2012.

 We kind of found a new food court there and had pizza for lunch.
Delicious !

Above: Afternoon coffee @ Doutor.
Below: Our plan was to go to Evensong @ 6 pm
however the Church was locked.

Above: But the signs says......... !

Some random photos of Sendai.

 We were going to Hanbey, Sendai for dinner however there was a queue.
We looked across the hallway, saw a small door, crouched down and went
through into a wonderful "cavern. "

From Okinawa - very salty, very unusual.
My first time and I really liked it.

We wanna move to Sendai !