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Monday, April 30, 2012

Dec`s 16th Birthday

Happy 16th Birthday to my younger son, Declan.
Born in Brisbane, 30th April, 1996.

On Sunday evening, 29th we held a party for him, albeit in absentia.

Above & Below: Chikako preparing treacle chicken pieces...... yum, yum.

We bought everyones` favourite - Sushi :)

 Above & Below:  Preparing the apartment

Above: Yukinori from Mito brought a bottle for the birthday toast.
Below: Yukie baked some walnut bread, especially, very delicious !

Above LtoR: Yukinori & Eriko, Momo~chan, Emi, Yukie and Chikako.
Below LtoR: Yukinori & Eriko, Momo~chan, moi, Emi and Yukie.

16 Candles on Dec`s cake.

We are looking forward to your visit very soon !