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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sunday, 1st May, 2011
And it`s the start of Golden Week
After eating delicious, hot noodles together at the counter of  our favourite
noodle bar here, we rode our bicycles together out to the Museum.
I had scored some complimentary tickets to the new exhibition there
 from my good friend, Hiroshi-san @ Tepco PR !

At the bookstore there, Chikako tried fukubiki ..... she "won" ??

And I purchased two new glossy art books for my reading pleasure ......

The exhibition was essentially only animae sketches in various stages of
 production, which in and of itself was boring. But all was not lost as our
freebie tickets allowed us to go to the 2nd level to see some interesting
 art pieces by Japanese and Gaijin Masters.
Much more to our liking ....