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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Dec's Birthday

30th April, 2019

Today is Dec's 23rd birthday. 
It's the first time in a long time that we have been able to celebrate it together. 

The gerbera which I bought for June's Memorial Day
sprouted another flower in honour of Dec's Birthday ! 

Bit of a wander about the garden with the camera .... 
The mango tree seems to be healthy enough. 
Pineapples, Paw Paw tree, etc. 

I got June's exercise bike from the warehouse last week 
and cleaned it up; it's perfect for what I want it to do. 

Dec thoughtfully bought us a house-warming gift from Dublin. 
Very appropriate. 

Sam's lucky cat from Kyoto is hopefully beaming in the Powerball Numbers. 

I prepared a birthday feast for Dec, albeit on such short notice. 

Above: Kangaroo sausages
Below:  Chipolatas marinating in soy and garlic. 

The new rice cooker. 

The Buck Knife which I purchased in San Francisco in Dec., 1979
but never used was being cleaned for its very first cake-cutting duty. 
From hereonin the Buck Knife is the Official Birthday Knife. 

Sam went and got a choco cheese cake ... .super-high calories. 

Dec cutting his cake ! 

 Cuts cake perfectly !