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Friday, March 1, 2019


March has come marching on in .... 

So, here we go ! 

02 March, 2019 

Oscar Cainer's prediction for Cancerians for the upcoming week reads as such:

Your Week Ahead -  Love Focus: Some people yearn the quiet life. They want their day to be as untroubling as possible, so they can slide through it and into their slippers in time for a pleasantly unadventurous supper. Given that you seem to be on a particularly bumpy road right now, you could be forgiven for wanting an easy ride. As revolutionary Uranus changes signs, these are formative times. Each bump will shake things up and help shape your future. Stay steadfast, keep faith in yourself, and this will prove to be a week you look back on with pride. 

Monday, 04th March, 2019
The second memorial day for J.M.W. 
I bought her a gerbera plant; cool, eh ? 

I bought a pack for the para-olympic fund raising venture. 
Fingers crossed ! 

Memorial Dinner time has arrived. 

Home-made corn bread .... so good ! 

Below: my plants hiding in the shade from the fierce Queensland Summer sun. 

The table is looking good, methinks. 

Some prawns. 

Salmon pieces slow-boiled in lemon water with a touch of salt. 

Rhubarb with ginger and lemon. 

Two types of capsicum with red onion pan-fried in olive oil. 

A veritable feast ! 

After dinner "snack" .... hot cross buns, lamingtons and mince pies. 

Tuesday, 05 March, 2019
A quick trip to the cemetery to pay respects. 
The kangaroos were in attendance ....

This picture is hanging in my study. 
Jin san gave it to me in Fukushima City. 

 Tuesday, 05th March is also Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday. 
Substitute pancakes for pikelets .... 

And Lent begins tomorrow, Wednesday, 06th March.