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Wednesday, December 5, 2018


04th December, 2018

Qantas Flight 61
Brisbane to Tokyo Narita

My fourth time on this exact service this year. 

We took off on time from Brisbane
and landed on time at Tokyo Narita, 
although it was a very strong 'n windy landing. 
Well done to the First Officer who was flying / landing .... did a sterling job. 

From Narita into Tokyo  Osaki
where we had dinner. 
My first alcohol in something like 10 weeks ! 

'Twas delicious. 
And of course, it's always wonderful to be back in my adopted home of Nihon. 

Looking out the window at the nightline of Tokyo City. 
It never fails to enthrall. 

Really cool Christmas decorations displayed in the hotel lobby. 

So nice to see the Autumn leaves before they disappear for this year. 
Brisbane has no such thing; it's Summer there already. 

A mansion which I thought was cool enough to want to live there.
Wonder what the price is ? 
Wonder how I would pay for it ??  LOL

Spinning display of store dummys ... 

We had lunch is a very tiny noodle shop; super busy and super efficient. 

After lunch we walked to Ueno Park to see one of the art exhibitions.

Didn't see Munch, saw Rubens instead. 

Don't understand why there are holes in the brickwork ? 
Very symmetrical, too. 

A very charming member of the Gallery Staff who spoke to me. 

We toured the exhibition and exited. 

So how weird is this weather ? 
On the left, a tree showing Autumn colours. 
On the right, a Sakura tree already blooming .... should be in April.