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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thursday Starz

29th November, 2019

My Starz according to Oscar Cainer: 

A number of decisions which impact your life, have been made recently.  Correct. 

You're in agreement with some of them, but unhappy about others.  Correct.

Yet, is your point of view more valid than anyone else's ?  Should a lawyer who blatantly siphons money from a blind, confused and very elderly lady  be entitled to have a "valid" point of view ? 

Has what's being proposed taken other peoples' concerns on board and been fair to everyone involved in this process ?   I think so.  My brother also thinks so. 

If not, as Jupiter and Pluto link, today brings an opportunity to make your voice heard and stand up for the rights of those being disadvantaged - whether that's you or not.  Hopefully a lawyer ( T. J. ) will take this opportunity to right the wrong that he has been a party to.  Wait and see if he is a person of integrity.