owling9 michinoku 2017

Saturday, July 21, 2018



Sunday, 15th July, 2018 we attended a Medici Concert
at QPAC, Southbank. 

Concert Pianist:  Jayson Gillham. 

Totally amazing musician !  Just wonderful ... 

Pre-concert we sat in the open air cafe and had coffee. 
Or a small cake .... ( not me ) 


During the week Sam cooked a roast chicken from Angus Meats. 
With vegetables and all the trimmings. 


We went to FujiMart during the week and bought some things. 

And I boiled up some meat in the slow cooker for ramen. 

The ramen noodles were not quite the same as the noodles I usually ate in Fukushima. 
Still, they were okay. 
And the eggs were cooked perfectly.