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Thursday, November 2, 2017


02nd November, 2017

Christmas is next month .... can you believe it ? 

Today I caught the train from Koriyama to Fukushima
to meet Pastel Ladies for luncheon. 

I arrived a little early so I went walking about. 

Small desk in a very small apartment in Koriyama City. 

This is the new OHARA Hospital in Fukushima City. 
It's going up sooooooo rapidly. 
It's opposite the big police station. 

Autumn .... so many wonderful colours. 
Looking towards the Government Offices. 

Not sure what is happening here .... it's at the back 
of the big police office. 

My favourite tree in Japan. 
Takizakura showing Autumn leaves. 
In April, beautiful cherry blossoms. 

Lions Mansion. 

The Abukuma River. 

Beside Lions in Ogura Cho. 

Lions Mansion .... seems strange not to be living there still. 

Such a wonderful sky. 

After my little walk-around I met Reiko san 
outside Lions and then met the Pastel Ladies. 
They drove me to luncheon. 

Thank you, Yumiko.  You're a good driver ! 

Back Row left to right   YUKO ( black & white stripes ) 
YOSHIE   ( yellow coat  - she's from Osaka ) 
Front Row left to right   ATSUKO ( white blouse, daughter in Mito )
YOSHIE  ( middle, from Nihommatsu )
REIKO  ( blue blouse ) 

Above:  Very genki luncheon with very genki ladies. 

How wonderful was this food ? 
Sooooo delicious.  Traditional Japanese style. 

Yoshie won a competition for her Shodo  / calligraphy. 
Difficult to do, methinks. 

Time to be going ..... how quickly the time flew by. 

The starling all lined up on the power lines ..... 

A murmuration of starlings over Fukushima Station, West Side. 

I caught the local train back to Koriyama City.

Below:  Building at rear of photo
it's the brand new
GINZA Hair Salon. 

I wonder if the staff have forgotten me @ GINZA ??