owling9 michinoku 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017


01st September, 2017

The first day of Spring in Australia. 
The first day of Autumn in Japan. 

My AOL Starz say: 

It seems as if everyone is in your face today, and an excess of passion is lurking at every gate that leads to another conversation. Ironically, the fantasies you try to hide are the very same ones that are responsible for making others seem so intense now. No doubt, a cooling off period would relieve the tension but it’s challenging to untangle your emotional webs. Rather than participating in someone’s melodrama directly, re-examining your core beliefs adds a layer of space between you and issues that are not yours to resolve. Author Joyce Rachelle wrote, “If people keep stepping on you, wear a pointy hat.”


Amazingly, spot on .... what more can I say ? 

The Good Guys, Lutwyche