owling9 michinoku 2017

Friday, July 7, 2017


7.7 - Friday  Leave That City to Yokohama     InterC     China Town Dinner

8.7 - Saturday

9.7 - Sunday   Yokohama Harbour Evening Cruise

10.7 - Monday   Lunch @ Hard Rock Cafe;  Fly back to the Gold Coast

11.07.  -  meeting Beau Hartnett @ Surfers Paradise

06 July, 2017

I needed some new shoes and a new shirt
so we went to The Mall to get them. 

As always, DemiChan was waiting patiently .... 

Koriyama Station - waiting to catch the shinkansen to Tokyo
then connect to Yokohama. 

How nice is this ? 
The view from our 19th story spacious room in the Intercontinental Hotel
@ Yokohama. 

A very comfortable bed ! 

We decided to go to China Town for dinner / sightseeing. 
These people 'photo bombed' my shot !  LOL 

Although it was a Friday night China Town was not busy at all. 
We chose a shop and enjoyed dining on simple fare. 

Then we moved on ... 

How good are these ? 
I just love to eat them .... yum, yum. 

It's the 7th of July and that means it is 
T A N A B A T A 
make a wish. 

The RSL Art union will raffle off a beach house @ Palm Beach, Gold Coast
later this year.  My parents had a beach house in 14th Avenue, long ago. 
I loved going to Palm Beach and share a dream with Chikako san to win the RSL Palm Beach 
lottery house later on in  2017. 

So many wishes. 
May their dreams come true ... 

Japanese summers are always hot and humid. 

Oh, this is too sad ... 

As is this. Sad. 
Narrow park benches so that homeless people cannot sleep on them. 

Hello Hard Rock Cafe, Yokohama. 
Hello calories !! 
Always such an enjoyable experience.

Stunning Street Theatre in Yokohama. 
This guy was amazing ! 

Saturday evening we decided to dine in our room overlooking Yokohama Harbour. 

We had shopped for food in a boutique supermarket. 
Plus some bubbles, with glasses from Daiso. 

Sunday, we took a taxi from the Intercontinental Hotel
to the Anglican Church, the early service  being in English. 
It was a very busy and wonderful service. 

Then we took a walk to the Foreigners' Cemetery; I had been there before
quite a few times however it is always of interest to me. 

Sightseeing Place. 
The British Ambassador's House. 

How nice !  
What a classy lifestyle it must have been back then. 

Obviously this is not my dear friend, Mr. Crow from Ogura cho. 
Maybe it is his cousin ? 
Some other family member ? 
Nonetheless, it was nice to reconnect with the Crow Family .

Super hot. 
Super humid. 
We decided to have lunch in a burger joint - better than I had hoped. 

Then onwards to an antique shop. 
Ain't this chair cool ?  
Albeit over-priced to hell. 

Back to the Intercontinental Hotel. 
Our wonderful room. 

A cruise liner from China is making an inaugural visit. 
The tug boat, left of frame, is shooting water as a sign of Welcome. 

Le Grand Bleu
We are booked on a 30 minute harbour cruise this evening. 

A little windy on the pier however the wind cooled the searing heat and humidity 
of the daytime. The boat held about 22 passengers. 

Such a wonderful kanreki birthday present / stay in Yokohama. 
Yokohama is my favourite city in Japan, if not the World. 
I could easily live here forever.