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Saturday, February 11, 2017


Saturday, 11th February, 2017. 

It is a National Holiday in Japan and so I have the day off ! 
A 3-day weekend for me is a very rare event indeed. 

We went to a Thai Restaurant in Suzuran Street ( Paseo Dori ).
It has only recently opened and is already very popular 
and we understand why that is. 
Both the decor and ambiance are great, to say nothing of the food. 
We greatly enjoyed our first visit there. 

And then came the delicious luncheon ........

After lunch we went shopping etc
then stopped for coffee in AXC, 2nd floor. 

 It was a full moon with an eclipse of some sort this evening. 
We had strong, bitingly-cold wind with driving snow. 
Difficult night to be out walking.

We also spent the late afternoon / early evening packing for the trip to Oz. 

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