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Tuesday, September 29, 2015



29th September, 2015

My Starz. 

June 23 - July 23 
by Jonathan Cainer 

Even when (or if) you are ever wrong, it is usually only because you have been right - but right for the wrong reasons !  Cancerians don`t tend to make the same sort of mistakes as the rest of us. Your high ideals, your noble aspirations, your impressive levels of loyalty and dedication are very rarely misplaced. Yet it now seems as if you must think again about an affiliation that you made or a commitment that you gave some while ago. Not everything associated with this needs to alter but it may be time to change one idea. 

Ain`t this the truth ?? ........ I need to do this, exactly I do. 
How to do it ?  Therein lies my dilemma. 
BT needs to go.