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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


O  B  O  N 

This is not my photo, it was sent to me by Shoko san. 
As you view this photo, she is on the far right-hand side
with her hair parted on her left-hand side. 
Thank you Shoko Nurse. 

Paseo Street as viewed from my office window. 

August this year had many hot days, sometime the temperature
was 42C and very humid. 
During the last week of August, it just rained and the temperature 
was about 21 C ..... strange weather. 

This is NOT chocolate. 
It is something organic. 

We were invited to a casual supper party. 
It was a lot of fun, we shared a lot of gossip together. 
Let's do it again soon ! 

OBON means that we have to go to the cemetery to pay respects. 
So we did just that. 

We stopped by to see Justy san. 
It was his 10th birthday on August the 18th. 
He is genki but starting to slow down a bit because of his age. 

Happy Birthday, ol' fella ! 

Chikako san bought herself a new dress on the internet. 
I think that it looks very cool. 

Chikako san went to Tokyo for 2 days / 1 night for a conference. 
So I had time alone at home to do some gardening, which I really enjoyed. 

I prepared a Welcome Back dinner for Chikako san. 

We caught the bus to Sendai City to go to Church, albeit a Saturday, not a Sunday. 
Church is usually at 6 pm, although it was canceled, unfortunately.  
We decided to go to a cafe for coffee, although I didn't drink coffee. 
I drank Tapioca; or as I would say, Sago. 

We also visited the Okinawa Shop whilst in Sendai. 

Chikako bought some beer and I bought dried pineapple. 
I have not had alcohol since the end of June ........ diet.  (sigh)

Sendai selfie !  

We went for dinner in a gyutan shop in S-Pal. 
We often go there; the food is good. 

We went to an Italian Restaurant for an early lunch
and then dating @ 2nd Street. 

My lunch in the foreground, Chikako's lunch in the background. 
Very delicious ! 

Hurry Up !  I'm starving..... 

I am growing corn in our window box. 
It is doing really well. 

We hosted a small soiree for the Obon Fireworks
on the Abukuma River. Our apartment has the BEST view. 

It was a lot of fun, even though it was raining a bit. 


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