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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Oooops !

Oooops !  ..... another birthday has arrived. 

Saturday, 4th July, 2015

I worked today although Chikako san didn't. 
We decided to hold my birthday dinner the night before
the actual day because we were going to join 
the Walking Group for an 11 km walk. 

Oh, flowers for me ! 

The chef is hard at it. 

Table is set. 
Beer is alcohol free ......... no alcohol until we go to Australia. 

Chef is preparing, for the very first time, steak & kidney pudding. 
Not pie, but pudding; little different. 

Looks good, now just for a quick blast under the grill. 

Green peas ...

 After a few minutes under the grill, this is how it looks. 

P  E  R  F  E C T 

Well done, Chef ! 

As they say - 
" The proof of the pudding is in the eating." 

And I say - 
 " Absolutely wonderful ! " 

And what would a birthday be without some sort of cake, I ask you ? 

Wahoo, Kangaroo ......... present for moi . 

A card. 
Plus a bottle of Jacobs Creek  WA. 
We will take it to Australia to toast my belated birthday with my Mother. 

Oh, my favourite brand. 
Golden Bear. 
One super-cool polo shirt 
plus a red t-shirt, too. 

Thank you !


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