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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4th

4th May, 2015 


We drove to the Bird Sanctuary and then chose a trail from there. 
It wasn't so long however it was very steep. 
The day was fine but warm, maybe 25C. 

This walking trail was near many cemeteries. 
The late Sakura blossoms still lay on the ground like a carpet...... so beautiful. 

After completing the first walk we went to Hanamiyama Park. 
My first-ever time there. 

This venue is very popular so we had to park a distance away 
and then walk to the park itself. 

I saw some beautiful flowers growing in what looked like a rice paddy. 

This City ..... pretty, eh ? 

Too much steep walking today ! 
We were both so tired and had muscle-ache, too. 
But we enjoyed a lot. 
Happy Golden Week.