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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Walk

Sunny Sunday
19th April, 2015

It was a walking day.

Chikako san drove me to Iizaka Station to join the walking party. 

At the signing-in desk...... too beautiful. 

Mr. Suzuki from Fujitsu; my walking partner. 

It was about a 10 km walk and we went along country lanes and saw farms, trees in bloom, etc. 

It was 25C today, I was a little over-dressed !  

 At about the half-way mark we enjoyed a brief pit stop. 

Our journey took us to an amazing outlook. We were at about the same altitude as 
Skypark at Iizaka; it was not difficult to locate the airport across the valley. 

Some interesting jet trails........ 

Looking down over Iizaka Township and heading towards the finish line. 

My small gift pack for completing the event. It was great ! 

Then we headed for a cheap lunch bar. 

Checking in with the missus ? 

Chikako san then made a second trip out to collect us and drive us back to This City. 

Our neighbour's garden ..... not so shabby. 

Special thank you to the Fujitsu walking group for inviting me. 
Next event is Wednesday,  the 29th of April which is a National Holiday in Japan.