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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

In Review

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               In  Review 

A wild hail storm pummels Brisbane City, Australia. 
Photo is taken at the Story Bridge. 

Justy looking at food on the kitchen table ! 

The second party at Christmas time in That City. 
Left to Right: Chikako, Momo Chan, Emi and Yukie. 

Early snow, looking over the Abukuma River. 

Dec started his first year at Lancaster University in Lancashire, U.K. 
Clearly he has been to Japan ! 

Our good friends in Brisbane, Geoff 'n Andrea bought yet another Mazda. 
My once-in-a-lifetime birthday. 
All the 5.7. s. 
We celebrated in Yokohama City with Sam and Dec who flew out for it. 

We went to visit Douglas the Golden Retriever's grave. 

Japanese noodles....... at my favourite noodle bar in This City. 

Taken from the top of the Yutaka Building. 

Our friend, Shoko san, on the bus back to Joetsu. 
It was wonderful meeting you in 2014 ! 
Thanks for writing to me. 

July, Sam and Chikako in That City. 

Dec blowing bubble gum in July. 

Noriko and Steven on vacation after Christmas, 21014. 

Chikako carrying a lot of stuff back to our apartment. 

Chikako thoughtfully bought some flowers for my late Father's birthday anniversary. 
December 17th. 

Sam and Dec just flew in from London and we went to Ueno. 
Sam was trying to work off some jetlag. 
July, 2014. 

We all had a bit of a party ! 
It was a hoot. 

Chikako driving, Dec up front, in Sendai - July. 

We met up with Bryan and his family. 
Such a fun time together. 

Chikako and Dec. 
Japanese food...... how great is it ? 

July, 2014. 
We had a late night bbq beside the Abukuma River. 
Are we allowed to do that ........ ? 
Anyway, we did and we enjoyed. 
Sam on the left, Dec on the right of the blurry photo. 

Our good friend, Chizuko san came back from Vietnam for a short break. 

We went to Handa Numa ...... our first experience in April. 
What a magical place, although it has a dark history. 

2014 went so quickly. 
I am looking forward to 2015.