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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friday TAKI - waterfall.


15th August, 2014

We went driving to see a waterfall 
near Lake Inawashiro. 

 Demi-chan waiting patiently. 

The tree enveloped the rock - really amazing. 

Waterfall for men


waterfall for women. 

A large log stuck on the face of the womens'  waterfall. 

Tombo / Dragonfly perched on Demi-chan's mirror. 

We ate soba at a shop near Lake Inawashiro. 

My lunch - left photo. 

Chikako san's lunch - below photo. 

An interesting building and a great garden. 

We then went hiking for a second TAKI / waterfall. 

It was a difficult 3 km hike through the forest. 

There was a finale of a 300 metre descent down this very dangerous pathway. 

We chose not to proceed any further. 

I didn't see any bears, unfortunately. 

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