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Friday, March 21, 2014


Friday, 21st March, 2014. 

It was a public holiday in Japan. 
We drove south from This City to That City
to visit Chikako's parents' house for Equinox Lunch
Japanese-style.......which is simply the best. 

Above: Enroute
Below: We arrived ! 

So yummy. 

We are always pleased to see Justy-san
as he is pleased to see us, too. 

Ohagi or Botamochi is served on this day. 

Equinox fare included some specially-prepared rice ....

He cuts a fine figure of a pooch, don`t you think so. 

Oh my my.... I know exactly where this is. 

Is this street called Memory Lane ? 

We were heading for my fav Department Store, USUI
to get a few odds `n ends and to see Chiba-san who
works there. 

Shinjo-san finally got around to painting the building. 
How many years did it take to do it ?? 

Crazy busy in the colourful car park,
however we managed to get Bay #1 !
First space, ground floor - how convenient. 

Yodabashi, Usui .... fun shopping day together. 

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