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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


  =  New Friend  =

I have made a wonderful new penpal friend in Joetsu, Niigata ken. 

Her name 

I am very happy to meet you ! 

I wonder what she looks like ?

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Shoko said...

Dear Ian-san

Good evening. Thanks you for your comments on my blog.
I was very happy, thenks you for your kindness.

I came around your blog the other days. I'm sorry I'm late.
I thought I want to read English without my dictionary when I read your blog.
I'll do my best.

Your blog is very very interesting for me! Because it had a lot of wonderful pictures.
I have never been to Fukushima city and Australia. It had many subjects that I don't know.

My favorite your subjects, about one's birthday. I felt happy when I read the topics.
I like your blog, especially the topics about Chikako-san and you.
You're brilliant, you're a wide of activities! I got genki. :)

Thanks you for reading.
With best wishes.